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How to Benefit from the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021

Unlock savings on energy bills with the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021. Learn how residents in Haryana can capitalize on solar subsidies.

haryana solar subsidy scheme 2021

Reduce your electricity bills by 90%

Energy costs are climbing, and caring for our environment is more important than ever. The Haryana solar subsidy scheme 2021 offers a great chance for folks in Haryana to save money using solar energy. Fenice Energy leads the way, making it easier to live sustainably while cutting down on electric bills.

This effort boosts clean energy use across the state. It also begins a new chapter for Haryana’s energy, making green power both easy to get and budget-friendly.

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Key Takeaways

  • Unlock financial benefits with the Haryana solar subsidy scheme 2021.
  • Discover how solar energy savings can slash your utility costs.
  • Explore Fenice Energy’s role in driving Haryana’s solar power adoption.
  • Learn the impact of Haryana renewable energy subsidy on sustainable living.
  • Understand the transformative potential of solar subsidies for residents in Haryana.

Understanding the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021

The Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021 is a big step in changing how the state uses energy. It focuses on increasing the use of renewable energy. By offering subsidies for solar panels, it aims to reduce the carbon footprint. This effort helps both the environment and the economy, benefiting many people in Haryana.

What is the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021?

The Haryana government introduced this scheme to encourage clean energy use. It helps people afford solar panels by offering financial support. For small solar systems, the subsidy is INR 18,000 per kW. Bigger systems get INR 9,000 per kW. This encourages more people to switch to solar energy.

Eligibility Criteria for the Scheme

To get the subsidy, you need to meet certain requirements. It’s for homeowners, housing societies, and businesses in Haryana that qualify. Fenice Energy guides customers through the process. They help ensure that you get the maximum benefits from the scheme.

Government Objectives Behind the Subsidy

The scheme aims to change Haryana’s energy use and make it greener. It wants to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and lessen environmental damage. The plan includes helping those with lower incomes and in rural areas. Fenice Energy works towards these goals, offering sustainable and affordable energy options.

India’s commitment to clean energy has led to a 250% increase in renewable capacity since 2014. Haryana’s efforts complement India’s goal to meet its future energy needs. By 2030, India aims to reach a 450 GW renewable energy target. The state’s subsidy scheme is key to achieving this ambitious goal.

Exploring the Benefits of Solar Energy in Haryana

Haryana Solar Energy Benefits

India is making big moves in renewable energy, and Haryana is joining in. Through the Haryana solar rooftop scheme, the state offers great benefits. These help both the environment and the people, moving us towards a greener future.

Joining the Haryana solar rooftop scheme can cut down electricity costs for 25 years. This is a big save for people and businesses. The scheme not only makes going solar attractive but also promises a quick payback of the initial costs in 6 to 8 years.

India’s commitment to green energy is shown through its actions. From 2014 to 2021, renewable energy capacity jumped by 250%. This shows India’s, and by extension Haryana’s, dedication to sustainable energy.

Statistic Details
Renewable Energy Capacity Increase (2014-2021) 250%
FDI in Non-Conventional Energy (Apr 2000-Sep 2023) US$ 15.36 billion
Projected Renewable Capacity by 2025 280 GW
Percentage of Power from Non-Fossil Sources 43.9%
Solar Capacity Increase (March 2014-End of 2021) From 2.63 GW to 49.3 GW
Investment in Renewables (FY22) US$ 14.5 billion

India’s energy landscape is thriving, with investments in renewables up by 125% in FY22. Haryana is also playing a big part in this success. The state is getting ready to support India’s goal of 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030, mainly through solar.

India celebrates big wins in the energy sector, like Delhi’s solar and hydro-powered airport and Gujarat’s huge renewable energy park. Haryana is ready to make the most of the solar energy subsidy. Now is a great time for people to get into the solar rooftop scheme and enjoy solar energy’s benefits.

The Haryana government and Fenice Energy are working together on clean energy solutions. Their joint efforts highlight the power of the solar rooftop scheme. They show how solar energy can help Haryana and India build a sustainable energy future.

Comprehensive Breakdown of Solar Panel Subsidy in Haryana 2021

The solar panel subsidy in Haryana 2021 helps build a strong solar setup and makes it less costly. Fenice Energy leads in providing clean energy solutions. They know a lot about Haryana’s renewable energy subsidy programs.

Solar System Capacity and Associated Subsidies

The solar subsidy scheme in Haryana offers different incentives. It’s based on how much power your system can produce. For systems up to 3 kW, homeowners get INR 18,000 per kW.

If your system is more than 3 kW but less than 10 kW, the subsidy is INR 9,000 for each kW. And if it’s over 10 kW, you get a total subsidy of INR 1,17,000. This shows Haryana’s commitment to using more green energy.

Financial Analysis: Cost vs. Savings

Fenice Energy gives a clear view of the money aspects of the solar subsidy rates in Haryana. They show how subsidies lower the initial cost and lead to big savings later on. Looking at the costs and savings, it’s clear that solar power is good for both our wallets and the planet.

Comparing Subsidy Rates for Different System Sizes

Now, let’s compare the solar panel subsidy in Haryana 2021 for different system sizes. Below is a table showing subsidies for various solar system capacities:

System Size (kW) Subsidy
Up to 3 kW INR 18,000 per kW
3 kW to 10 kW INR 9,000 per kW
Above 10 kW INR 1,17,000 Lump-Sum

It’s clear that going solar is a wise move. The subsidies make it easier to switch to renewable energy. Fenice Energy is working hard to help our society move to a solar-powered future.

The Application Process for the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021

The Haryana rooftop solar subsidy application is easy and friendly for users. It’s important to know the steps, from getting the right documents to submitting a perfect application. Fenice Energy helps you move towards using greener energy and saving money.

Step-by-Step Guide to Apply for the Subsidy

Starting with the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme involves a few steps:

  1. Sign up on the national Rooftop Solar portal. Make sure all personal and property info is accurate.
  2. Learn about the subsidies. They range from Rs. 9,000 for smaller setups to Rs. 1,17,000 for bigger ones.
  3. Pick an MNRE-approved supplier like Fenice Energy for a quality solar system using domestic parts.
  4. After setting up, upload your documents online for review.
  5. Once checked and okayed, the subsidy money is sent to your account. This makes your investment better.

With the right help and a good vendor, getting the solar subsidy is smooth. It helps you start saving with sustainable energy.

Required Documentation for Application

Having the right documents is key for a successful subsidy application. You’ll need:

  • A current electricity bill to show your connection.
  • ID and proof of address for verification.
  • Documents showing you own the property where you’ll install the system.
  • Your bank details to get the subsidy directly.

This focus on correct paperwork shows how the Haryana government and Fenice Energy value clear and efficient processes. This helps more people choose solar energy.

Tips for a Smooth Application Experience

For a good experience with your subsidy application, remember these tips:

  • Make sure your documents are complete and current.
  • Apply before the deadline — December 31, 2024 — to skip any rush.
  • Keep up with subsidy rates and rules on official sites and from trusted vendors like Fenice Energy.
  • Learn about net metering policies to get the most financial benefit from your solar panels.

By planning and paying attention to details, your application can be successful and rewarding. All this, plus the expertise of Fenice Energy in solar solutions, adds value.

Haryana rooftop solar subsidy application

Using solar power brings big savings and helps the environment. Solar plants provide free electricity for about 25 years. So, by joining the Haryana solar subsidy scheme 2021, you’re choosing a bright and sustainable future. This move gets strong support and perks from the government.

Maximizing Savings with Haryana Solar Power Subsidy Scheme

Understanding the Haryana solar subsidy can lead to big cuts in electric bills for the people. The state offers solar power incentives and works to increase solar energy savings. For families aiming to lower their utility costs, using solar energy is not just eco-friendly. It also promises great financial benefits in the long haul.

Fenice Energy, with its 20 years of experience, offers reliable and efficient solar solutions. In today’s changing solar energy scene in India, choosing solar is a smart money move, not just a green one.

Solar capacity in Haryana grew from 53.27 MW in 2016 to 1,029.16 MW by March 2023. This jump is thanks to the appealing Haryana solar subsidy and other solar incentives. These programs help the state’s people access huge savings through solar energy.

The scope of Haryana’s solar incentives is now wider, aiming for fairness. Previously, richer farm owners got more subsidies. Now, there’s a push to help smaller farmers more, making subsidy distribution more balanced across all levels of society.

The colossal Gujarat Hybrid Renewable Energy Park, aimed to produce 30 GWAC, shows India’s big renewable energy goals. It combines solar and wind power. This project highlights India’s focus on increasing renewable energy, influencing more incentives nationwide.

In 2023-24, India will roll out 40 GW tenders for solar and hybrid projects. This move underlines the country’s commitment to renewable energy over fossil fuels.

Fenice Energy is here to help with tailored solar setups that make good use of Haryana’s solar subsidies. This helps people save more on energy and supports the shift towards sustainable living economically.

A Closer Look at the Impact of Solar Subsidy on Installation Costs

The Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme significantly lowers solar installation costs. Fenice Energy works hard to provide top-notch solar solutions. Thanks to these subsidies, solar energy is now affordable to more people, not just a few.

This means that the actual cost for consumers after subsidy is much less. It makes solar energy a practical option for many.

Initial Investment vs. Post-Subsidy Prices

The cost of solar energy changes a lot when you include the Haryana subsidy. After subsidy, prices drop, making it easier for everyone to get solar power. This helps people save money right away and also in the future.

Fenice Energy helps customers understand how they can save with solar energy. They show how renewable energy is a smart economic choice.

Return on Investment and Breakeven Analysis

Return on investment is crucial when looking at solar power. With the subsidy, people in Haryana reach their breakeven point faster. Fenice Energy helps their customers use these subsidies well, so they save money sooner as energy prices go up.

Also, with conventional energy costs rising, the savings from solar become even greater over time.

Acknowledging the Long-term Financial Benefits

The Haryana solar subsidy is about helping the planet and saving money long-term. It helps people in Haryana save on electricity for many years. This shows how solar power is not just good for now but also a wise choice for the future.

By choosing solar, families in Haryana can enjoy cheaper electricity and be more independent. This is the real value of solar energy.


What is the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021?

The Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021 helps promote solar panel use. It offers financial help to lower the upfront costs of solar setups. This makes solar systems more accessible and encourages renewable energy use in Haryana.

Who is eligible for the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021?

If you live in Haryana, you might be eligible. This includes individuals, housing societies, institutions, and social sectors. You need to follow the government’s rules and work with an approved vendor to get the subsidy.

What are the benefits of participating in the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021?

By joining, you’ll get financial aid to help with the cost of setting up solar panels. This means you’ll spend less at the start. You’ll save on electric bills, help the environment, and have a reliable power source for 25 years.With the subsidy, the cost of solar tech pays off in 6 to 8 years.

How do the government objectives influence the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021?

The government wants to use less non-renewable energy, fight climate change, and provide affordable, reliable energy. The subsidies offered are part of a plan to shift to greener power in Haryana.

What are the different subsidy rates offered for various solar system sizes under this scheme?

You get a subsidy of INR 18,000 per kW for systems up to 3 kW. For systems from 3 kW to 10 kW, it’s INR 9,000 per kW. Then, for systems over 10 kW, there’s a flat subsidy of INR 1,17,000.Resident Welfare Associations and Group Housing Societies get INR 9,000 per kW for common facilities.

How do I apply for the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021?

First, register on the National Portal for Rooftop Solar with some details like your electricity number and address. If the state’s DISCOM approves, pick an MNRE-approved vendor for installation. Then, submit your solar plant details for an inspection and commissioning to qualify for the subsidy.

What documentation is required to apply for the solar subsidy in Haryana?

You’ll need a proof of residence, latest electricity bill, ID proof, and other documents as required. Submit these on the official portal or to the vendor when applying.

Can the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2021 significantly reduce my electricity costs?

Yes, the subsidy makes installing solar panels cheaper. This can lower your electricity bills a lot. Since solar panels last about 25 years, you save more over time. Most people break even in 6 to 8 years, then enjoy low to no electricity costs.

What is the impact of the solar subsidy on the initial investment and installation costs in Haryana?

The subsidy significantly lowers the initial solar power system costs. By covering much of the cost, the financial burden is reduced. This makes going solar a wise choice for many.

What are the long-term financial benefits of installing solar panels through the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme?

Beyond saving on electric bills now, you get a good return on investment. As power costs drop over the solar system’s life, you save more. Plus, going green can lead to future government incentives.

Reduce your electricity bills by 90%

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