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3kW Off Grid Solar System for Homes – Reliable Power Source

Harness energy independence with a 3kW off grid solar system. Ideal for homes in India seeking a reliable and renewable power source.

3kw off grid solar system

Reduce your electricity bills by 90%

A 3kW off grid solar system can generate up to 15 units of electricity every day. This is perfect for homes with two or three bedrooms. It shows how efficient and sustainable modern solar systems are.

Fenice Energy offers top-quality 3kW solar panels for medium-sized homes. These panels are durable in harsh weather and easy to install. They hardly need any maintenance, look sleek, and come with a 10-year warranty from the manufacturer. There’s also a 25-year warranty for performance. You can choose between Polycrystalline and Mono PERC panels. They have maximum power capacities of 335W and 400W. The nominal voltage is 24V.

The package includes IP68-rated junction boxes, cables, and MC4 connectors. This makes the solar systems great for different uses. You can use them for living off the grid, pumping water with solar power, or charging electric vehicles. Choose a 3kW off grid solar system for reliable and sustainable energy.

Key Takeaways

  • A 3kW off grid solar system generates up to 15 units of electricity daily, ideal for 2BHK and 3BHK homes.
  • Durable and efficient, these solar panels handle tough weather conditions and are easy to install.
  • Comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 25-year performance warranty.
  • Versatile applications include off-grid living, solar water pumping, and EV charging stations.
  • Includes IP68 rated junction boxes, cables, and MC4 connectors for wide-ranging use.

Introduction to Off Grid Solar Systems

An off grid solar system helps homes make their own power using the sun. It’s key for those wanting to not rely on grid electricity. It gives you control over your energy supply.

What is an Off Grid Solar System?

An off grid solar system works on its own, away from the main power grid. It uses solar panels to turn sunlight into electricity. This system includes a battery to save energy for later use. That way, you have power all the time, even when the sun’s not out. You can run important things like fridges, TVs, and lights. But, it can’t handle very big appliances like a 2-ton air conditioner.

Benefits of Going Off Grid

Moving to an off grid solar system has many pluses:

  • Energy self-sufficiency: You make your own power, so you don’t depend on the grid. This means you always have energy.
  • Renewable energy: You’re using clean energy, which is good for the planet. It also makes you a part of protecting the environment.
  • Solar battery: You can store extra energy to use when there’s no sun. This makes your solar power more reliable.
  • Photovoltaic cells: These cells last a long time and don’t need much upkeep. They keep making energy for years.
  • Energy independence: This is especially good in remote places. There, the main power grid might not be reliable or available at all.

Understanding the Components

When you look into a 3kW off grid solar system, knowing its main parts is key. You have solar panels, inverters, batteries, and charge controllers. All play a big role in keeping your system working well.

Solar Panels

The heart of a 3kW off grid solar system is its solar PV modules. They can make a total of 3000Watts. No matter the weather, these panels efficiently turn sunlight into electricity.


An inverter changes the direct current (DC) from solar panels to alternating current (AC). This AC is what most home appliances use. Our system includes a 3.5KVA inverter for strong performance and easy integration with home circuits.


Solar batteries store energy for use at night or on cloudy days. Our system uses 150Ah batteries for enough storage and backup.

Charge Controllers

Charge controllers manage the power to the batteries from the solar panels. Using MPPT technology, our 3kW system charges efficiently, extending battery life.

The system includes panel stands, DCDB, DC wires, AC wires, and MC4 connectors. It can generate up to 15 units of power daily. Fenice Energy provides clean energy solutions, including these key parts, with over 20 years of experience.

Why Choose a 3kW Off Grid Solar System?

A 3kW solar power system is great for those who want efficient power for medium-sized homes. It gives a steady power supply. Plus, it offers big savings on electricity bills.

3kW solar power system

Ideal for Medium-Sized Homes

This 3kW system suits medium-sized homes well. It lets essential appliances run smoothly. It makes 12-15 units of electricity daily, so fridges, TVs, and lights work without problems.

Efficient Power Generation

This system also excels in efficient power creation. It uses advanced tech for more output. The 3kW system cuts down on grid power use. This means more energy independence and lower electric bills. It’s both sustainable and efficient.

Installation Process

Starting a solar system installation for your home includes many steps for the best performance and long life. A professional assessment is first. Experts figure out the top spot for the panels to get the most sunlight. This way, your solar system works its best.

After finding the best spot, installing the solar panels comes next. Professional solar installers handle this. They set up the inverter, battery bank, and charge controller carefully. Making sure everything is installed right is key for safety and correct connection.

Next, they check the wiring and connections to make sure all is good. This step helps prevent any future problems. It helps your solar setup last longer and work better.

Hiring professional solar installers means a worry-free and efficient install. Fenice Energy offers top-notch clean energy solutions, including solar installs. With over 20 years of experience, they make moving to renewable energy easy and successful.

Cost and Savings

Putting money into a 3kW off grid solar setup needs about INR 2,85,000 upfront. Even though this seems like a lot at first, the savings over time are worth it.

Initial Investment

The early costs include buying high-quality solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Also, it pays for getting everything installed. Though the start-up cost is big, the solar system lasts long and brings many benefits.

Long-Term Savings

Homeowners can make back a lot by generating 4,320-5,400 units of power each year. This means saving about INR 30,240-37,800 on electricity bills every year. As the years go by, these savings pile up. This leads to big financial gains and less need for regular power.

Government Subsidies

The government helps make solar more affordable with incentives. They offer subsidies for home solar systems, cutting down the initial costs. Also, different states have extra subsidies. This makes going solar even more attractive and easier to get into.

Energy Independence with Solar

Getting a 3kW off-grid solar system lets homeowners generate their own electricity. This creates energy self-reliance. It cuts down reliance on unpredictable grid power. The power is always there, no matter where you are. This offers big off-grid solar benefits.

off-grid solar benefits

This technology boosts people’s everyday lives, especially in living sustainably. Producing your own reliable energy brings more freedom and safety. It’s great for places far from the grid or where there’s no grid at all. Plus, it gives peace of mind when the power goes out.

Key Features Advantages
Energy Self-Reliance Eliminates dependency on unstable grid power
Off-Grid Solar Benefits Ensures a steady power supply
Sustainable Living Promotes eco-friendly and cost-effective energy usage

Choosing Fenice Energy means expert help and sustainable living solutions. With over 20 years in the field, Fenice Energy helps families gain energy self-reliance. They do this with sophisticated off-grid solar systems.

Maintenance and Longevity

For your solar system to last long, proactive maintenance is key. The system’s durable parts ensure it works well over time. Taking good care of a 3kW off grid solar system keeps it running smoothly.

Durability of Components

The success of solar energy lies in the strength of its parts. A 3kW off grid solar system has high-quality panels. These panels come with a warranty of up to 25 years. Such a long warranty proves the system’s sturdiness and its dependable renewable energy.

Simple Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your solar system regularly is crucial for its best performance. Follow these easy tips for your 3kW off grid system:

  • Clean solar panels periodically to remove accumulated dust and debris.
  • Inspect and secure all electrical connections to ensure there are no loose or corroded wires.
  • Monitor the charge controller and inverter for any irregularities to prevent system failures.
  • Check battery health and water levels if applicable to ensure efficient energy storage.

Following these maintenance steps will boost the longevity of your system. This ensures it works at its best, providing reliable solar power.

Fenice Energy – Your Partner in Clean Energy

Fenice Energy stands out as a top choice in clean energy solutions. They use over twenty years of expertise. They offer modern solar setups, backup systems, and electric vehicle charging stations. These services meet the growing need for renewable energy.

Fenice Energy is well-known for their solar energy expertise. They combine advanced technology with unmatched customer support. This way, they provide services that meet various energy needs. They focus on sustainability and the latest technology. So, each installation is energy-efficient and works well over time.

Fenice Energy takes a comprehensive approach to clean energy solutions. This makes them a strong partner in moving towards renewable energy. Their focus on excellence and innovation makes them a top pick. If you want dependable and sustainable energy solutions, consider them.

From installing solar power systems to adding advanced backup solutions, Fenice Energy does it all. Their wide range of services ensures high solar energy expertise and efficiency. Every project benefits from this focus.


Choosing a 3kW off-grid solar system is a smart move for homeowners in India. It gives you reliable and green power. This system is dependable for energy production and helps you become energy independent. You won’t have to rely on the unstable power grid anymore.

This choice offers many benefits. A 3kW system can create 12-15 units of electricity each day. This means big savings on your electric bills. Plus, government subsidies make it even more budget-friendly.

Going solar also helps the planet. It reduces your carbon footprint and supports worldwide sustainability goals. Fenice Energy, with its 20+ years of experience, provides top-notch solar solutions. They help with solar setups, backup systems, and EV charging stations.

In conclusion, getting a 3kW off-grid solar system is great for the future. It brings reliable energy, freedom from the grid, and saves money over time. For Indian families, it’s a smart and eco-friendly investment.


What is a 3kW off grid solar system?

A 3kW off grid solar system works without the power grid. This setup gives you a steady energy supply. It makes energy from sunlight. This energy is stored in batteries for later use.

What are the main components of a 3kW off grid solar system?

Key parts include solar panels, inverters, and batteries. Also, charge controllers, panel stands, and wiring. Together, they produce, store, and manage solar energy.

How much power can a 3kW solar power system generate daily?

This system can make 12-15 units of electricity each day. That’s enough for big items like fridges and washing machines. It keeps your lights on too.

What are the benefits of using a 3kW off grid solar system?

Key benefits are energy freedom and saving money. It uses clean energy and gives power even in far places. It’s good for medium homes and lasts a long time.

What kinds of solar panels are included in this system?

The system has Polycrystalline and Mono PERC panels. They can make up to 335W and 400W. Both use 24V and have a durable junction box.

How long is the warranty for the solar panels?

Panel warranties cover 10 years from the maker. They also offer a 25-year performance promise. This shows they last long and work well.

What is the cost of installing a 3kW off grid solar system in India?

Set up costs about INR 2,85,000. This price can change with your needs and area subsidies.

Are there government subsidies available for solar installations?

Yes, India’s central and some state governments give subsidies. These can make your solar system cost less.

What is the installation process for a 3kW off grid solar system?

First, experts find the best spot for the panels. Then they install panels, the inverter, batteries, and controller. Finally, they do wiring and check connections.

How often is maintenance required for a 3kW off grid solar system?

Little upkeep is needed. Just clean the panels and check wires. These easy steps keep the system running well for years.

Can a 3kW off grid solar system run a 2-ton air conditioner?

No, it can’t run a 2-ton air conditioner. This system handles basic home needs but not big air conditioners.

Why should I choose Fenice Energy for my solar installation?

Fenice Energy offers 20+ years of clean energy expertise. They have a broad range of services like solar and backup systems and are known for their reliable work.

Reduce your electricity bills by 90%

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