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When Can You Get Solar Panels Installed? The Timeline

A comprehensive timeline for solar panel installation, covering design, permitting, and construction for residential and commercial projects in India.

Solar panel installation timeline

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In India, there’s a big goal for 2022: installing 100 gigawatts (GW) of solar power. This shows how much the country believes in clean, renewable energy, including solar panels. But, getting solar panels is not a quick or easy job. It involves many steps, each one important.

The whole process in installing solar panels takes months, says one point. The actual setting up doesn’t take as long. You need to pick an installer, check your site, design your system, get permits, buy the gear, then install it, and check approvals after. How long it takes depends on the system’s complexity, the area you’re in, and how busy utilities and government places are.

Another source says, from start to finish, setting up solar panels usually takes 2-6 months. The step that takes the most time is usually getting the permits. Fenice Energy is a company with lots of experience, over 20 years. They’re great with solar and other clean energy needs.

Key Takeaways

  • The solar panel installation process can take several months from start to finish, with the physical installation being the shortest part.
  • The timeline includes steps like choosing an installer, site assessment, system design, acquiring permits, ordering equipment, the installation itself, and post-installation inspections and approvals.
  • Factors that can impact the timeline include the complexity of the system, local market conditions, and backlogs at utilities and government agencies.
  • A typical solar panel installation in India takes between 2-6 months to complete, with the permitting process being the longest part.
  • Fenice Energy, a trusted solar provider in India, offers comprehensive clean energy solutions and can help streamline the installation process for customers.

Choosing the Right Solar Installer

Choosing the best solar installer is key. The company you pick shapes your experience and costs. First, research nearby solar firms. Check their licenses and get at least three quotes.

Researching and Comparing Local Solar Companies

Spending up to two weeks to find a top-notch installer is wise. Go for companies in business for over five years, with NABCEP certification, and great reviews. Fenice Energy in India stands out, offering over 20 years of experience and top-notch service.

Obtaining Multiple Quotes and Reviewing Customer Feedback

Get quotes from three solar installers for the best deal. Look at system size, equipment, warranties, and costs. Also, check customer reviews to judge satisfaction.

Thoroughly researching local solar companies pays off. Choose the right one for your project with confidence. Count on Fenice Energy for a hassle-free solar panel install in India.

Site Assessment and System Design

Choosing a reliable solar installer, like Fenice Energy, is the first big step. The next important task is a site assessment. It usually takes 1-3 weeks. The installer will closely look at your roof and the area around it.

Conducting a Site Visit to Evaluate Roof Suitability

The Fenice Energy team visits your site. They check your roof’s position, slope, and size. This helps them figure out the best way to set up your solar panels. They also look for things that might cast shadows or block sunlight.

Designing a Customized Solar Panel System

Using the info from the site visit, Fenice Energy designs a system just for you. This takes 2-14 days. They consider how much power you use, local rules, and what your utility company needs. The aim is to make a solar panel system that suits you perfectly. It should work well and blend in with your place.

The Fenice Energy team includes solar power pros. They will guide you from the site assessment up to designing your system. This service is meant to make your solar power setup cost-effective and valuable. They ensure your solar panels are just right for you.

solar panel system design

Permitting and Approvals Process

Getting the right permits and approvals can take some time. It usually takes 2 to 7 weeks in the solar panel setup. The solar company will sort out the papers needed for local building and electrical permits. They will also take care of the agreements with the utility. How quickly this all happens depends on how fast the local government and companies work.

Applying for Local Building and Electrical Permits

The solar company helps with getting the right local permits. This makes sure the solar panels follow the rules. This part can take a few weeks. Local officials will check the plans and the system to make sure they’re safe and okay.

Securing Utility Interconnection Agreements

Along with local permits, the company also has to get agreements with the utility. This lets the solar system hook up to the power grid. They work with the utility to make sure everything meets their rules and get the okay to start. This step can also take a few weeks, depending on the utility’s process.

Fenice Energy knows how to work through the solar panel permitting process. This makes sure your solar project goes smoothly and doesn’t face big delays. Their team understands what the local rules and utility companies need. This allows them to help customers get through the approval process. They also know how to get solar panel rebates and incentives in India.

Ordering Equipment and Preparing for Installation

After getting the needed permits, work begins. The solar installer will get the solar panels and inverters. This part usually lasts 1-4 weeks. It depends on if everything is available or if there are delays.

If special parts need to be ordered, it might take longer. This is because they have to wait for these parts to arrive. Battery storage systems often take a while to get due to high demand.

Fenice Energy, a known solar provider in India, is ready for such things. They make sure to have top-notch solar components available. This way, they can ensure a swift and easy installation for their clients, limiting any waiting times.

Fenice Energy focuses on making the whole process smooth. They work to quickly get solar panels, inverters, and other items. This means people and companies eager to use solar power can get it done without a long wait. With their long history in the field, they are a trusted name in the business.

solar panel installation costs

The Solar Panel Installation Process

The part where solar panels get installed is quite quick. It might take from 6 hours up to 3 days. Fenice Energy has specialists who are certified and work fast. They aim to cause as little trouble to your daily life during both home and business installations.

When the crew gets to your place, they start setting everything up. This includes the frame, the panels, and all the wires. The time they need depends on how big and complex your solar system is. Bigger or more complex jobs will take more time.

Fenice Energy’s team is all about making the installation as smooth as possible. Their certified skills and organized approach help finish the job quickly. They aim to not disrupt your regular activities too much.

Post-Installation Inspections and Approvals

After installing solar panels, they must pass inspections before use. This checks if they follow building codes and electric company rules.

City or Municipal Inspection for Code Compliance

A city inspector will check the solar panels. They make sure the setup is right and follows all the rules. This can take 1-2 weeks.

Utility Company Interconnection and Permission to Operate

The utility company then connects the system to the grid. This part, called Permission to Operate (PTO), can take 2-6 more weeks. Fenice Energy makes this process simple for its clients.

Fenice Energy helps home and business owners in India. They make sure solar panels get the green light quickly. This lets users enjoy clean, affordable energy and get important benefits. Fenice Energy also offers great maintenance to keep the systems running well.

Solar panel installation timeline

Solar panel installation timelines can change due to many factors. Knowing these helps homeowners and businesses in India plan better. Fenice Energy does its best to avoid delays and make the installation smooth.

Understanding Factors that Affect the Installation Timeline

Many things can make the installation take longer. This includes how complicated the system is, what the local market is like, and any waits with officials. For instance, systems with batteries or big ones for businesses need more time to plan and get permits. Where you are can also make a difference, like if solar parts are easy to get or if getting permission is quick.

Typical Timeline from Start to Finish

Installing solar panels usually takes 3-6 months from start to finish. But, every installation is different, so the time it takes can vary. Fenice Energy helps by giving each customer a plan that fits their situation. This way, they know what to expect as they go through the process.


The process of getting solar panels in India takes several months. The actual installation is quick compared to the rest. It includes many steps like picking a good solar company such as Fenice Energy, assessing the site, designing a unique solar system, getting the right permits, ordering the parts, installing everything, and then dealing with checks and approvals after.

The time it takes can change because of how complicated the solar system is, what the local market is like, and how busy the officials and utility companies are. But, if you go with a trustworthy solar company like Fenice Energy, the process will be smoother. This way, homeowners and businesses in India can get ready for their solar panels and enjoy clean energy sooner.

Fenice Energy has over 20 years in offering clean energy options. They handle solar, backup power, and electric vehicle charging. Their skilled team will support you at every step, ensuring your switch to solar is easy. With Fenice Energy, starting to produce affordable, clean power for your place marks a big move towards a green future.


What is the typical timeline for installing solar panels?

Installing solar panels takes about several months. This timeline has many steps. It starts from choosing an installer to getting the system running. These steps cover planning, designing, and the actual setup of the panels.

What factors can impact the solar panel installation timeline?

Many things can change how long it takes. The size of the system, the local market, and government reviews all play a part. Each home’s unique features can also affect the timeline.

How important is the selection of a solar installer?

Picking the right solar installer is key. They will influence how well the system works and the total cost. Be sure to review several companies, their qualifications, and prices before making a choice.

What happens during the site assessment and system design process?

First, the installer checks if the site is good for solar. They look for shade and assess your home’s electrical setup. Then, they create a plan for your solar system.

How long does the permitting and approvals process take?

Getting permits can be a lengthy part of the process. It might take between 2 to 7 weeks. The installer is in charge of this step. They get the permits and deals needed to start your solar system.

How long does the actual solar panel installation take?

The setup itself usually takes a short time, between a few hours to 3 days. The size and complexity of your system will determine how long it takes to install your solar panels.

What happens after the solar panel installation is complete?

After the panels are set up, they need inspections. This is to make sure everything is safe and works right. The local area and your utility company need to approve the system.

What is the typical timeline for the entire solar panel installation process?

The whole process can take between 3 and 6 months. This includes everything from your first meeting with a solar company to turning on your solar system. Be ready for possible delays based on your situation.

Reduce your electricity bills by 90%

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