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Telangana Solar Policy – Harness Green Energy!

Dive into the Telangana solar policy and explore incentives, subsidies, and projects promoting sustainable energy growth in Telangana. Go green today!

telangana solar policy

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Did you know the Telangana Solar Power Policy started in 2015? It could change how the state uses energy. The Telangana New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation Limited (TNREDCL) manages it. They aim to use over 20 GW of solar energy for a better future.

This initiative supports many projects like grid-connected and rooftop solar systems. It makes investing in solar energy easier for everyone. The policy offers benefits and a simple process. For instance, solar rooftop projects get special perks like no electricity duty.

Key Takeaways

  • The Telangana Solar Power Policy was initiated in 2015 to utilize the state’s significant solar potential.
  • Managed by the Telangana New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation Limited (TNREDCL).
  • Emphasizes sustainable energy growth with a mix of decentralized and distributed solar generation.
  • Incentives last for a decade post-commissioning, promoting long-term investment.
  • Includes diverse solar projects such as grid-connected, rooftop, off-grid, and solar parks.
  • Key benefits include exemption from electricity duty and distribution losses for solar rooftop projects.

Overview of Telangana’s Solar Potential

Telangana shines as a leader in renewable energy, thanks to its rich solar resources. The state has taken strong steps to use this power, placing it among India’s top solar states. Its journey in solar energy stands out because of its smart policies and investments. Let’s look at how Telangana did it, what it has achieved, and what’s next.

Telangana solar power projects

State Government Initiatives

The Telangana government has started many projects to boost solar power. They set up the TNREDCL and offered great incentives for solar energy. There’s even the biggest floating solar plant in the country and solar projects in schools. These steps show the government’s big effort in renewable energy.

Current Solar Power Capacity

Right now, Telangana has an amazing 4657 MW of solar power installed. It ranks second for solar power capacity over its land area. This shows how well Telangana has managed its solar projects, promoting clean energy.

Plans for Future Expansion

Telangana has big plans for more solar power, hoping to add around 3 GW. It’s looking into Agrivoltaics, which combines farming with generating solar power. This not only creates more energy but also supports food production. These plans are both smart and consider the future needs for food and energy.

In short, Telangana is truly pushing forward with solar energy. With ongoing support from the government and careful planning, Telangana aims to keep leading in solar power. Fenice Energy, with over twenty years of work, is excited to join this journey. They are ready to provide clean energy solutions for a better tomorrow.

Incentives and Subsidies for Solar Power

Telangana offers incentives and subsidies to promote solar power. This makes solar energy more affordable for homes and businesses.

Government Schemes for Solar Energy in Telangana

Several schemes in Telangana support the move to renewable energy. One key initiative is the Central Financial Assistance. It’s available for rooftop solar installations through the National Portal for Rooftop Solar. This help is significant for systems up to 2 kW and larger. It makes it easier for homeowners to go solar.

Telangana Solar Subsidy Scheme

The Telangana solar subsidy scheme benefits industrial users highly. It includes exemptions from several charges and offers fast depreciation benefits. There are even tax breaks for solar projects. Loans are available for both residential and industrial uses, making solar a smart economic choice.

Telangana’s solar incentives show a strong push for renewable energy. These efforts make the initial cost lower. They also give economic and regulatory support for long-term use.

Key Features of Telangana Solar Policy

The Telangana Solar Policy introduces some standout features to boost the state’s solar energy efforts. It includes a ten-year incentive period after starting, giving lasting benefits to those involved. Another major rule in Telangana is the waiver from the Land Ceiling Act, which allows more land per MW of capacity.

key elements of the Telangana solar policy

This policy also gives essential aid like treating lands as non-agricultural and waiving some state charges. It offers benefits like VAT/SGST refunds and cuts on development charges. These perks aim to improve the financial picture for solar projects.

Additionally, the Telangana Solar Policy ensures fast approvals under pollution control laws to avoid project delays. The incentives make setting up projects easier, for a quicker and broader application of solar projects in the state. These streamlined processes and financial aids boost the success of solar projects. Fenice Energy delivers top-notch clean energy solutions, including solar, with over 20 years of expertise.

Impact on Residential and Industrial Sectors

The solar rooftop policy in Telangana has changed the residential and industrial sectors a lot. Homeowners are now using rooftop solar systems really often. They enjoy benefits like no distribution losses and special tariffs for gross metering.

Solar Rooftop Policy in Telangana

The rooftop solar policy in Telangana has made a big difference in electricity generation and use. Homeowners can save a lot on their electricity bills now. Thanks to the policy, lots of people are switching to solar energy. This helps Telangana meet its green energy goals.

Benefits of Telangana Solar Policy

The Telangana solar policy offers great perks for both homes and businesses. Businesses get big tax breaks, don’t have to pay electricity duty, and setting up big solar projects is easier. This policy is great for bringing more solar technology investments.

Solar Energy Regulations in Telangana

Telangana’s solar energy regulations make it easy to switch to renewable energy. They help with procedures, give financial incentives, and make sure environmental rules are followed. This strong support makes starting residential and industrial solar projects easier.

Together, these steps show how far Telangana has come in renewable energy. Fenice Energy, with its 20 years of experience, proves that good clean energy solutions can really change things. This is big for the energy future in the area.


The Telangana Solar Policy is key in making the state more independent and focused on sustainable energy. It encourages the use of solar energy through good planning and support. This makes Telangana a leader in using renewable energy in India.

The policy helps by giving VAT/SGST refunds and cutting electricity duties. This makes it easier for everyone to use solar energy. Both cities and countryside areas can now enjoy the benefits of solar power. Telangana is showing others how to succeed with renewable energy.

This policy shows Telangana’s commitment to a cleaner future. Companies like Fenice Energy are important in this shift. They have 20 years of experience in clean energy. They provide services like solar installations which fit well with Telangana’s goals. With ongoing improvements, Telangana will continue to lead in renewable energy in India.


What is the Telangana Solar Policy?

The Telangana Solar Policy, introduced in 2015, is run by the Telangana New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation Limited (TNREDCL). Its main goal is to use the state’s solar resources for better energy security. It aims to draw both public and private investments into solar projects.

What types of solar projects are covered under the Telangana Solar Policy?

This policy covers a range of solar projects. These include grid-connected, rooftop, off-grid, and solar parks. It focuses on decentralized generation and includes various solar technologies.

What are the key incentives offered under the Telangana Solar Policy?

Key incentives include exemption from electricity duty and VAT/SGST refunds. There are also accelerated depreciation benefits and incentives for ten years after starting. Plus, solar rooftop projects don’t face distribution losses.

How does the Telangana Solar Policy facilitate ease of business?

The policy makes business easier with single-window clearance and must-run status for projects. It also offers exemptions from the Land Ceiling Act and certain state surcharges and duties.

What is the current solar power capacity in Telangana?

Telangana’s current solar capacity stands at 4657 MW. This ranks it second in India for solar power capacity per land unit.

Are there any specific government schemes for residential consumers in Telangana?

Yes, residents can get Central Financial Assistance for rooftop solar from the National Portal for Rooftop Solar. There are defined subsidy amounts for systems up to 2 kW and larger.

What benefits do industrial players receive under the Telangana Solar Policy?

Industrial users get several exemptions, accelerated depreciation, tax breaks, and priority sector lending. This makes solar investments attractive and profitable.

How does the Telangana Solar Policy support quick project setup?

For a quick setup, the policy offers fast pollution control clearances and financial perks. These include VAT/SGST refunds, quick land status changes, and lowers development charges.

What impact has the Telangana Solar Policy had on residential and industrial sectors?

The policy has greatly helped homeowners and industries. Homeowners enjoy rooftop solar benefits and special tariffs, while industries benefit from financial aids and large-scale installations.

What future projects are planned under the Telangana Solar Policy?

Telangana aims to add around 3 GW more solar capacity soon. Plans include India’s largest floating solar plant and solarizing schools, among other projects.

Reduce your electricity bills by 90%

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