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Is Solar Energy Popular? Discover the Rising Demand

Is solar energy popular? With rising electricity costs and environmental concerns, solar power is gaining immense popularity across India as a renewable energy source.

is solar energy popular

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The global solar market is growing fast. According to Fortune Business Insights, it has a remarkable 11% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). It’s expected to reach a value of INR 16.4 trillion (USD 223 billion) by 2027. This rise isn’t just a trend. Solar power is becoming a key part of our future.

Renewable energy has become a big deal worldwide. This has put solar power in the limelight, making it the top choice for many. The need for solar power is increasing and will continue to do so. Fenice Energy, a top provider of clean energy, is leading the way. They offer solar, backup systems, and EV charging with over 20 years of expertise.

Key Takeaways

  • The global solar market has achieved an 11% CAGR from 2020 to 2027, with an anticipated value of INR 16.4 trillion (USD 223 billion) by 2027.
  • Solar power has become the most sought-after energy source due to the global focus on renewable energy.
  • Fenice Energy, a leading provider of clean energy solutions, has been at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution.
  • Solar power is a vital part of our future, with rising demand poised to grow even further.
  • The solar industry is experiencing an unprecedented surge in popularity and growth.

The Surge of Solar Power Worldwide

The solar power industry is growing fast. In 2019, India brought its solar capacity up by 7 gigawatts (GW), reaching over 76 GW total. This was a big 23% jump from the year before. China is leading the world, with more than 205 GW of solar power, over 30% of global solar capacity.

Exponential Growth in Solar Capacity

The future looks bright for solar power. According to the International Energy Agency, by 2050, nearly a quarter of the world’s electricity could come from the sun. Right now, solar power makes up only 7% of electricity. This big growth is thanks to cheaper solar panels, better technology, and strong government support for solar energy.

Leading Countries Embracing Solar Energy

Many countries are jumping on the solar energy trend. They see its benefits for the environment and their wallets. This global switch to solar is changing how we get our energy. It’s now a good choice for homes and businesses alike.

Fenice Energy is leading in clean energy. They bring solar, backup power, and electric vehicle charging solutions. With over 20 years in the business, they are making a difference in renewable energy.

is solar energy popular: A Promising Renewable Solution

Solar power is becoming a top pick in India for homes and businesses. First, it might cost you at the start, but then it’s free to run. This makes it cost-effective in the long haul. Plus, it helps our planet by not adding to climate change with harmful gases.

Cost-Effectiveness of Solar Power

The money you put into solar panels early on can be earned back through lower power bills. You’ll also rely less on the power grid. The Indian government helps out with solar tax breaks and incentives too.

Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar power is very different from using oil and coal. It’s clean and doesn’t hurt the planet. This helps fight climate change and keeps our Earth healthy for the future.

Reliability and Accessibility of Solar Power

The sun is always there, giving us power. It’s perfect for places with power cuts or no power. As solar tech gets better and cheaper, more Indians can switch. This means less need for old, polluting energy.

solar energy popular

Technological Advancements Driving Solar Adoption

Solar technology keeps getting better, pushing more people to use it in India. Solar panels have become more efficient with the birth of thin, flexible solar cells. These cells can be part of building materials. Now, we see buildings that create their own power and may even share extra energy back with the grid.

Improved Solar Panel Efficiency

The solar panel world has really upped its game in getting more energy from the same space. Thanks to new tech like thin films and perovskite, panels can now make more electricity. This makes solar setups better, cheaper, and more tempting for both homes and businesses.

Energy Storage Solutions for Consistent Power Supply

Solar power used to be tricky because it only worked when the sun was out. But, things are changing. The energy sector is focusing on new, affordable, and efficient ways to store solar power. With advanced batteries and pumped-storage hydroelectricity, we’re getting closer to having power all the time, not just when the sun shines. This shift is making solar a dependable choice for power at home and work.

Integration of Solar into Building Materials

Now, buildings can do their part to create power by sporting solar tech on their roofs and windows. This approach looks good and saves space, making it easy for structures to generate their own energy. The tech behind this, along with support from the government through incentives, is encouraging more people to go solar. It’s now a smart and feasible option for many in India.

Government Initiatives and Incentives

Many governments world over are backing renewable energy, including India. They provide tax breaks, cashback, and other benefits to boost solar use both at homes and businesses. For instance, the Indian government gives subsidies for setting up solar panels on roofs. This has greatly increased the use of solar energy there.

Tax Credits and Rebates for Solar Installations

In India, the government offers many financial perks to lower the cost of going solar for everyone. There are tax credits to cut down the initial expense of installing solar panels. And there are rebates that directly lower the price of solar power systems. These perks have made adopting solar power more pocket-friendly for consumers in the country.

Policies Promoting Renewable Energy Adoption

The Indian government has put in place rules that encourage using more solar and other renewable energy sources. These rules set goals for how much energy should come from renewables. They also require new buildings to include solar power and help with inventing new ways to store energy. Thanks to these steps, along with cheaper solar panels and better technology, choosing solar power is getting easier in India.

solar energy incentives

The Role of Solar in Meeting Global Energy Demands

By 2040, solar power will rule the global energy market. It provides a sustainable and clean option over traditional sources. This is critical for fighting climate change and creating a green future.

The International Energy Agency said solar will make up 25% of the world’s electricity by 2050. Right now, it’s only 7%. The growth of solar energy is key to meeting the world’s increasing need for energy. It will help us shift to a more sustainable energy future.

Fenice Energy is a top player in clean energy solutions. They provide solar, backup systems, and EV charging with over 20 years of expertise. As solar tech gets cheaper and better, it’s becoming a major player in fulfilling the world’s energy needs. Countries like India are leading the way in adopting solar power.

Solar Power Adoption Trends Global India
Installed Solar Capacity (2023) INR 205 trillion (USD 2.8 trillion) INR 76 trillion (USD 1 trillion)
Projected Solar Capacity by 2050 Providing almost a quarter of the world’s electricity Achieving ambitious renewable energy targets
Key Drivers Decreasing costs, technological advancements, government incentives Favorable policies, financial incentives, and growing private sector investment

Solar power is essential for our planet’s future energy needs. It’s clean, abundant, and affordable. Solar will likely become the top source of electricity worldwide. This switch to solar ensures a greener and more secure energy future for everyone.


Solar power is on track to lead the global market by 2040, especially in India. It’s clean, endless, and gets cheaper each year, thanks to more support. The rise in solar energy use, boosted by new tech and support from governments, will change how we get and use energy. This is key for a more eco-friendly future.

Fenice Energy is leading the way with its green energy solutions. It aims to help people and companies use the sun’s power for a better environment. As installing solar panels becomes cheaper, more folks will switch to solar energy. This move away from old energy ways will help us tackle the good and bad sides of using solar power.

In India, steps like tax breaks and cashback offers are making solar energy more popular. These efforts help both homes and businesses go solar. With solar tech getting better all the time, India’s energy future looks promising. Solar power will become a big part of meeting the country’s energy needs and making tomorrow greener.

Reduce your electricity bills by 90%

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